Mi Compact
Bluetooth Speaker 2

Compact Design, Powerful Sound.

On/ Off

Press and hold for 2 seconds.

Bluetooth pairing

When no dive has been paired, turn on the device to automatically enter discovery mode.

Play / Stop

Short press.

Accept phone call

Press Briefly.

Reject phone call

Hold down for 1 second.

Stop playing from the phone

Press briefly and start playing on your speaker.

Delete paired devices

Restore to factory settings.

Turn off and hold for 6 seconds.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2


  • Bluetooth version 4.2

  • Limit distance: 10m

  • Nominal impedance: 4Q

  • A2DP / AVRCP / SPP supported profiles

  • Audio frequency range: 200Hz to 18kHz

  • Package Contents: USB Charging Cable Not Included

  • Power supply: Built-in lithium battery

  • Charging port: micro-USB

  • Battery capacity: 3.7V 480mAh

  • Play time: 6 hours at 80% volume

  • Hands-free calling support: Yes

Built-in microphone

It allows you to receive incoming calls without having to access the phone.

By pressing the power button, you can activate hands-free calling and talk on the go.

Speaker mesh

The scientific design of the parametric speaker mesh cover; gives speakers an advantage of being simple and enjoyable. At the same time, it allows the sound to pass virtually.

Bluetooth 4.2

Fast and reliable technology that allows easy connection to mobile devices, computers, televisions and others.

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