Mi Home Security
Camera 360 1080p

1080p resolution

Dual motor to 360 * horizontal and 96 * vertical view, protects every corner of the house.

Bi-directional voice

From camera to smartphone with one-way calling and video calling support.

Coding technology

H.265 video

For faster storage time and 50% bandwidth savings compared to H.464.

Silent rotation

Enjoy quiet silence while the camera watches.

Save the recordings on a micro DS or router

With storage capacity, automatic loop recording.

Improved motion detection

By IA, filtering invalid alarms.

Infrared night vision

With movement for 10 seconds of video rotation to your phone when something happens during times you decide.

Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080p


  • Dimensions 115x78x78mm.

  • Model MSJXJ01CM.

  • Product weight: 239g.

  • 5V2A input power.

  • Viewing angle 110.4 *

  • 1080p resolution.

  • Focal length 2.8mm.

  • Temperatures -10 * C to 50 * C.

  • IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Storage microSD card (up to 32 GB).

  • Compatible devices: Androids 4.0, iOS 7.0 or higher.

Connected home Configuration


3 Simple steps:

1. Download

Mi Home App

2. Connect 


3. Follow App Steps.

  • AI enhanced motion detection.

  • Optional inverted installation.

  • Clearer night vision.

  • Cross-platform support for Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher.

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