Mi Night 

A few meters away, light up your space.

120 wide angle detection range

A detection distance of up to 7 meters.

Using an advanced photosensitive sensor

Human infrared sensor technology with anti-interference function, the light automatically turns on in the dark and illuminates for 15 seconds.

Ultra low power consumption

Only 0.25mW in standby mode. Two levels of brightness available: 0.7 lm mode for battery life and 3.8ml mode for half a year of battery life.

3M adhesive

To get rid of the installation, instead of messing with screws; just stick it to any surface where you need convenient lighting: cabinets, stairs, bedside table, entrances, garage, among others.

Mi Night Light


  • Luminance: 0.7lm / 3.8lm.

  • Nominal power: 0.25W,

  • Working temperature: -10 + 40 * C,

  • Size: 84x84x36 mm.

Mi Night Light

Installation Procedures

  1. Open the bottom cover counterclockwise and install the batteries.

  2. Change the gear to adjust the brightness.

  3. Close the bottom cover.

  4. Peel off the tape on the bottom cover and stick the light in your preferred place.

You can also use a hanger to suspend light from a hook in places like a closet.

Two brightness levels, 0.7 lumen for 12 months of use or 3.8 lumen for 6 months of use.

It is also possible to place it with a hook in places like your dressing table.

The photosensitive sensors in the motion sensor allow the light to come on when there is some movement in the dark.

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