Mi Robot
Vacuum Cleaner

Your reliable, fast and smart cleaning partner. With smart scrolling, powerful suction, remote control and high capacity battery.

My Vacuum Robot top

Its clean and minimalist design. An engine that generates twice the power of regular vacuum cleaners.

My Vacuum Robot bottom

With integrated sensors and with the function of ensuring a deep cleaning. Protects its useful life.

Open the Mi Home app

Start the vacuum cleaner and talk about the power of its motors and the integrated brushes that ensure a deep cleaning.

Edit cleaning mode

You can choose the power level depending on your need for cleaning within certain areas.

Open the route layout and create a route.

Create a cleanup path. Function that lacks most vacuum cleaners on the market. With the high costs of other online; My Vacuum Robot is the ideal solution.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • NIDEC engine: 1800 air pressure.

  • 250 m2 coverage area.

  • Decibel level of 62 dB.

  • Air pressure: 1800pa.

  • Battery: 5200 mAh (2.5 hours to shit).

  • LDS, Anti-Collision, Dust, Ultrasonic Radar, Drop Sensors, Electronic Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Wall Sensor, Speedometer and Fans.

  • TI Digital Signal Processor, STMicroelectronics Processor. ARM Cortex M3, Micro Controller Unit All Inner, ARM Cortex- A 7 Quad-Core Aplication Processor.

Plot your own path to achieve cleaning efficiency.

Automatic docking, recharging and cleaning rework.

With its top cleaning edge, the areas along the walls are never overlooked.

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