Mi Electric Scooter

Advanced technology, high-quality materials, and innovation combined to deliver a smooth driving experience.

Stylish, portable and secure

Minimalist design, aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the main body.

It takes 3 seconds to fold the Scooter, weighing 12.5Kg.

High-quality batteries guarantee a driving distance of up to 30km

Battery management. 30 18550 lithium ion cells together offer a high capacity of 280Wh.

With intelligent system.

Dual brake system

Equipped with a regenerative and disc brake representatively on the front and rear wheels.

With a braking distance of 4m.

Sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS)

The KERS recovers the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle by braking for a longer time. The cruise control system helps maintain a constant speed set by the driver to relieve the driver of constant pressure and strain.

Connects to the app

Mi Home

Check the driving speed and remaining power in real time after pairing your Scooter via Bluetooth with your phone.

Non-slip tires and shock absorbers

88.5-inch pneumatic tires effectively absorb shock and prevent slipping. The 250W brushless DC motor powers the Scooter for easy and comfortable riding.

Mi Electric Scooter


  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h

  • Maximum distance *: 30km

  • Total weight: 12.5kg

  • Dimensions: 108cm x 43cm x 114 cm

  • Maximum climbing angle: 14%


  1. Press the power button to activate the Scooter.

  2. Step on the platform with one foot while the other remains on the ground stabilizing the Scooter. Slowly propel the Scooter with your foot on the ground.

  3. Place both feet on the platform when the Scooter begins to drive and press the elevator. The elevator starts only when the driving speed exceeds 5km / h.

  4. Hold the left brake lever to completely stop the Scooter.

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