Mi Wi-Fi

Light and Small

Easy to connect to routers and it is portable. The actual size is comparable to a pen; taking up little space and making it easy to transport.

The USB interface

Any load plugs, USB interface plugs and Mi power banks can supply power for the Mi Wi-Fi repeater.

Routers with USB Interface

Insert the My Wi-Fi repeater into the USB interface of the router. Unplug the repeater and insert it into other USB interfaces when the light is on.

Routers without USB Interface

Download the My Home App and click to connect the My Wi-Fi repeater. Follow the instructions of the application,

Where should the Wi-Fi repeater be placed?

It should be placed in areas with strong Wi-Fi signal coverage, for example in the center of the room.


  • Compatible with 2.4ghz band. Compatible with the vast majority of routers.

  • Comparable performance with larger equipment.

  • Range: Up to 50 meters in open area. Walls and obstacles reduce coverage.

  • Support: Up to 16 devices can be connected.

  • Transmission at 300Mbps.

  • Very simple configuration with the Xiaomi Mi Home app, available for Android and iOS.

  • USB powered for easy use. Connect it to a power bank or laptop adapter.

  • Applications are automatically updated without configuration.

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n Wi-Fi protocol - Bluetooth 2.0 interface - Power: 5V, 1A.

Mi Wi-Fi Repeater
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