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How Has Gaming Evolved?

Due to Covid-19 social distancing, some businesses encountered setbacks but many others benefitted from changing consumer behavior. As people around the world quarantined, limited physical contact, and generally stayed at home more, many people looked for digital entertainment options at home and found their escape in gaming.

Through gaming, you can be a magician, a soldier, or even lord of a kingdom, all without leaving home. Video games are uniquely interactive, allowing for collaboration and competition with friends, family, and strangers on the other side of the world. Video games are no longer considered a concept for children. Games have always been popular and have, but since 2020, their popularity has grown significantly, attracting new users and audiences.

Streamers are the new influencers in the digital industry. They are drawing huge numbers of viewers to watch sessions and generating significant amounts of money, turning Streaming into a stable job someone can live on.

The gaming market is diverse. It includes an individual playing a single player game by themselves, a group of friends collaborating in a massive multiplayer online game, and professionals duking it out for prize money in an international tournament.

These professionals are a significant factor in the growth of the industry through the increased popularity of Esports. Teams that compete in Esports behave like a professional sports team, building a team around a winning strategy and attracting fans. The players on these teams are treated like professional athletes, they have a base salary, employment insurance if they have an incident and loans, just like any job.

Some Esports tournaments have become so popular that television stations around the world have been broadcasting them to appeal to the many people in key demographics who follow these events. This market has grown, thanks to sponsors who have supported the industry and who contribute prize money to the tournaments.

There is no doubt that the gaming industry will grow even more through advancements in virtual reality and platforms like the Metaverse, that may become the new means of digital interactions, not only for entertainment but also for other activities such as work meetings or appointments with a doctor.

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