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Social Responsibility 

Tekmovil is a mission-driven company.  We are disrupting traditional business models and breaking down barriers by bringing the best technology to new frontiers.  Our corporate responsibility work is an extension of our daily operations.  


We support and partner with organizations that are educating children to be leaders who are curious about the world and who are not afraid to take risks and change the world. We also partner with organizations that provide critical support in times of crisis to help children focus on learning and development.  We engage with our partners through mentorship, financial contributions, and education, and we are proud of our efforts to change our world for the better.

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Our team is extremely passionate about helping others, especially children in need. The most effective way to stop the cycle of poverty is by supporting children to pursue an education. This is an especially pressing matter in Honduras, where 13.5% of school-age children have no access to education (BTC). Tekmovil aids over 40 children across Colombia and Honduras in efforts of succoring impoverished nations.  

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We have partnered with Trix & Trax to develop leadership skills for children in underserved communities throughout LATAM. Trix & Trax encourages students to explore their talents and passions through various art forms and technology while instilling core values that will set their students up for success.  We are proud to work with an organization preparing the next generation of value-driven leaders.

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Miami Children's Museum is an interactive and community-focused museum in Miami dedicated to enriching the lives of all children by fostering a love of learning through play and enabling children to realize their highest potential.  The Museum runs a summer camp designed to help children find their passion through cultural exploration and immersive learning, preparing them for the diverse challenges leaders will face in the future.  The Children’s Museum’s summer camp is a natural partner for us and our support ensures that over 40 children have the benefit of learning and growing this summer at the Children’s Museum.


Ukraine Contributions  


The war in Ukraine is causing untold hardship to families and children still in Ukraine and spread across the world as refugees.  Going through such an experience as a child can be traumatic and have a lifelong impact detrimental to development and long-term health.  Given our dedication to our mission, we have felt compelled to help and so far, have donated to UNICEF and Save the Children to assist families and children suffering due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.  Tekmovil has also committed to matching donations from our employees to these organizations.


Our Environmental Impact

We took our impact on the Environment into consideration when we became a digital company.  Being digital and flexible allows us to lower our carbon footprint by having most of our employees work from home, reducing carbon emissions from commuting, and working electronically and going paperless, saving trees.

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