Enhanced Distribution to ensure  Brand Performance

We are a full-service distributor of consumer electronics with an industry-leading team of seasoned professionals. We support our partners across all stages of the value chain to meet their customers’ needs, grow intelligently, expand market share, and increase profitability. 

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We provide  financing, and distribution services for our brand partners.  We shepherd  products from source to final  destination while applying the highest technological standards and providing transparency that generates insights and assurances of efficiency and security.

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Digital Marketing

Customer Service

Technical Certification

Trade Marketing & Training

Account Management

Product Management

Market Intelligence & Analytics


We leverage our deep market knowledge and experience  to make us an invaluable ally for the brands we work with.  We can tailor our operations, insights, analytics, and follow through to the specific needs of a brand and work directly with channels to manage the brand image, drive sales, grow market share, and increase profitability and ROI.  We are 100% committed to our brands succeeding in the marketplace, and this is where we make that happen. 



Store Management

SIS & Digital Kiosk

We ensure the most critical part of the customer journey, the sale, is executed at our and our partner’s high standards.  We manage all B2C sales touchpoints for our partners as well as going Direct to Consumer (DTC).  Through eCommerce we directly manage online sales channels that include official branded stores and marketplaces.  We also have extensive brick and mortar retail experience, managing Stores-in-Store or digital kiosks for brands or even operating flagship stores for brands that want a physical anchor in our markets.



Supply & Demand Balance

As a critical component of our  backbone , we manage the process from demand forecasting and analysis, logistics from the factory door, to final delivery at the channel when and where needed. Our team is the best in the business.  We have the relationships and processes to be a proactive, collaborative partner that gets brands we work with to their goals… and beyond. 


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